This game was created for the 2022 Wholesome Game Jam as Team Bean Loaf


Elisha Sarkis - Programming
Adriana Matic - Game & Economy Design
Klayton Cheuk - Art
Harrison Kerr - Animation & Emotional Support
Anita He - UI/UX


Siddhartha Corsus - Beyond Paradise
Siddhartha Corsus - Call of the Mountains

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsHarrisonKerr, esarkis, klaytronic, Balidoria, Anita He


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Fun and chill gardening game! Could use more strategy, but it is quite a pleasant experience as it is. Good job!

fun concept, liked how each plant had different attributes so you could combine them to help each other while trying to maximize profits, eventually it didn't really seem to need too much strategy except just planting as much plants as possible though, but it was still really cute and the audio was nice!

This was a lot of fun! great plant designs too and a chill experience. well done :)

Pretty chill experience, loved the plant designs, the gameplay was smooth and nice! The soundtrack was a little quiet compared to the SFX, but I liked all of your art choices, keep the games coming <3

I love this,super cute!

It was relaxing to focus on caring for the plants in this game. The chill music, cute plant animations and the gentle process of weeding, watering, harvesting and planting new sprouts was very soothing. Well done!

Super cute, good music, and I like the concept! Good job.