A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Bleater Feeder! The game where you, a ghost, must possess sheep to feed your pet dragon!


     Harrison: https://harrisonkerr.itch.io/

     Peter: https://coopersharky.itch.io/

     Heather: https://snorkelhead.itch.io/

     Calvin: https://calvinleveille.itch.io/

     Sanaa: https://lameosine.itch.io/


WASD to move, E to possess a sheep, R to unpossess a sheep. Get to the end of the level and jump into the dragons mouth to feed him.

Sheep all have different speeds, jump height, and tastiness, which all affect the colour of the sheep. Find the sheep that suits your play style!

Made for a school project, thank you so much for playing :) 


BleaterFeeder.yum 47 MB

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